Chromadek Signage.

Chromadek Signs – The Affordable Outdoor Sign Solution – Durable, Versatile & Quick.

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Chromadek Signage

Our Chromadek  option is a versatile and cost effective way to achieve a basic signage solution.

Chromadek is an epoxy coated, galvanized steel sheet used for interior and exterior sign applications.

The Steel sheet coating is painted and baked, resulting in a flat, highly durable surface.
Panels come in two standard sizes : 2450 mm x 1225 mm and 3000 mm x 1225 mm.

Furthermore, they can also be joined together to create a larger sign.

Our chromadek signs come with a full color digital print and a protective UV Coating
for added outdoor durability.

Due to it’s versatility, Chromadek is also widely used for billboards and larger signage projects that require a high visual impact from a distance.

Options include a aluminium frame and edge trim.

Our Standard 2450 mm x 1225 mm panel with full colour print and UV lamination now available on our Express next day service.