Signage, Visual Communication for your Business.

No signage no – brand awareness.

We live in a visual society. Visual impact is therefore crucial to the success of your business. Rocket Signs can help to maximize brand exposure across a range of signage media. We can assist with the design, printing, manufacturing and installation of top quality signage to help increase your business visibility.

Brushed aluminium is a striking, durable indoor and outdoor option ideal for logo and corporate signage. It doesn’t oxidize or corrode easily. Just about any logo or font can be routed or laser cut to create a stylish indoor or outdoor sign. We can also apply vinyl or Perspex graphics.

Chromadek is a galvanized metal sheeting material coated in white. It?s a great way to get noticed and is frequently used for billboards, information, safety, and directional signage. The product is hard wearing so it lasts longer.

Tailored to your particular requirements Chromadek signage can be framed, flat, or bent. It can also be laminated with a clear vinyl to further increase weather resistance and longevity.

Floor graphics

This is a highly durable digital branding option for product launches and promotional advertising. Floor graphics can also be cut once printed to any shape or size specification.

Illuminated light boxes

Light boxes and illuminated displays are an innovative way to draw attention to your brand by increasing visibility. For example backlit graphics is one of the ways in which we achieve this.
We offer a range of standard size lightbox options manufactured mainly from perspex materials. We also do made-to-measure. Tell us what you need and we?ll create something unique for you.

Perspex signage.

Perspex (acrylic) signage is incredibly versatile and can be used in just about any environment and won?t fade for years. Signs can be attached to walls with screws, mounted away from the wall, hung in an illuminated lightbox frame, and more.

Our perspex signage is available in various sizes and thicknesses; signage or lettering can be cut to any size or shape and can be illuminated with LEDS.

Vehicle branding and wraps.

Vehicle wraps act as a moving billboard. They are a great way to reach more prospects at a significantly lower cost than practically any other forms of advertising.

Our adhesive vinyl graphics are professionally designed, printed and applied. We have specialist technicians who undergo rigorous training and we use the best vehicle wrapping film available. Our vehicle wraps won?t damage the original paintwork on your vehicle.


We produce custom photographic image quality indoor and outdoor wall murals and building wraps.

Window graphics.

Window graphics are the perfect way to draw attention to your storefront.

The term ?window graphic? technically refers to a single-piece full-colour printed vinyl graphic on a large area of glass. At Rocket Signs, we use mono-meric vinyl for all our window applications: window graphics and decals. Mono-meric vinyl is specially made for flat surfaces and for short, medium or long term applications.

Window decals are smaller, shaped graphics or individual cutout lettering on a partially covered window. Our sophisticated digital printers are equipped with laser controlled cutting capability. In other words, you get high quality window coverage with personalized decal work.



Custom Solutions for Your Business

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