Posters – Full Colour.

Draw attention to your next event with full colour digitally printed posters.


Looking for cost-effective printing in Cape Town ?

We offer the full spectrum of printing services including low-cost, full-colour and large format posters at reasonable prices.

Fast turn-around times.

Whether you are a small business looking for a small print run or a large commercial company needing large quantities, digital printing technology offers you a cost effective, high-quality printing solution.

An added advantage is that by using digital printing you can vary the information in one print run without incurring extra costs. For example on a run of 200 posters advertising an event on two different dates at different venues, you can print 100 with one date/ venue and 100 with the next.

Available from A4 up to A0, Custom sizes also available.

No minimums – we print straight from file.

Event, Campaign, Product and Menu posters can all be printed in a few minutes.

Gloss, Satin and Matte finishes are available.

Unmatched print quality.

Back-lit prints are printed on a special back-lit film to ensure optimum quality when the lights go on.

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