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Poster Boards

In-store POP Displays, poster boards can be applied direct to shelf ends, or suspended from the ceiling.

Various standard, and custom sizes available.

Due to the lightweight materials used, they can easily be installed or removed.

Poster boards can be printed double, or single sided.

Typical applications include;

  • In-store Promotional Campaigns.
  • New Product Launches.
  • In-store “Specials”
  • Temporary Menu Boards.
  • Directional Signs.

Rocketsigns Poster Boards are cost effective, and as a result, perfect for countrywide, in-store point of purchase campaigns.



In-store promotional Standees are made from a sturdy pvc pipe & connector system.

Furthermore they can also be re used for new campaigns – just change the poster board insert.

Standees come standard with a double sided print.

Most of all, the Frames are available in various different colours and sizes.



Shelf Wobblers consist of a tab, a flexible neck, and a message area.

They hang from a retail store shelf’s edge and wobble from the movement of air around them. It’s this wobble that catches the eye of shoppers and draws them, first to the message at the bottom of the neck, and then straight to your product.

Since  80% of buying decisions are made in store aisles, Shelf Wobblers are one of the most effective, yet affordable, POP Displays available. Bottom line? They work.


Brand Spotters

POP Displays like our Brand spotter can help draw in the shopper’s focus on your brand offering in today’s cluttered product shelves.

Our brand spotters come in various shapes and sizes, furthermore we can also custom shape them to suit your brand or message.

Easy to install on all kinds of supermarket shelving.

Shelf Wings

Draw attention to your products with our Double sided Shelf wings.

Custom shapes and sizes.

Made from lightweight materials, easy to install.

Available with a fully adjustable magnetic attachment or our universal shelf clips. They fit onto all types of supermarket shelving.


Display Boards

Custom designed POP Displays, our displays boards are made to order.

Various standard, and custom sizes available.

Due to the lightweight materials used, they can easily be places anywhere in store

Our Display boards are printed double sided.

Typical applications include;

  • In-store Promotional Campaigns.
  • Product Marketing
  • In-store “Specials”
  • Product pricing.
  • Directional Signs.


Hanging Banners

Need a bigger surface to get your message across ?

Our Double sided Hanging banners are available in a range of sizes.

Aluminium top bar for easy installation.

Perfect for retail environments with large overhead space available.


Window Talkers

Why not utilize your empty window space ?

Our Double sided window talkers attach to the inside of your shopfront window, giving you exposure both inside and outside the store.

  • Made from lightweight materials.
  • Attach to window with plastic re-useable suckers.
  • Cost effective for short and medium term campaigns.
  • Various Sizes available.


We Colour Your World

Our Print Services

Large format printing on a variety of media substrates.

Stickers & Labels

Sticker Printing – Full Colour Digitally printed Stickers & Labels.

  • Die cut to any custom shape.
  • No limitations on colour.
  • Fast Turn around – We print straight from file.

Fence Wraps

Fence wraps are widely used for brand exposure at outdoor events and often used as crowd control.

The fabric used for the wraps are either mesh PVC or Airtec, both branded using full colour digital printing.

Canvas Printing

Fine Art Canvas Printing.

  • Standard & Custom sizes.
  • Full color digital printing.

Banner Printing

Full Colour Digitally printed Display banners

  • Pull – Up Banners
  • X – Banners
  • Banner walls
  • Suspended Banners
  • Fence Banners


Full Color Digitally printed Wallpaper, Perfect for ;

  • Interior design.
  • Corporate Branding.
  • Large Format internal product marketing.

Correx Boards

Full Color Digitally printed Correx boards, Perfect for :

  • Estate Agent Advertising.
  • Any short term signage.
  • Event & Conference Way finding.