Point Of Purchase

  • Poster Boards.
  • Standees.
  • Banners.
  • Shelf Wings.
  • Wobblers.
  • Menu Boards.

Poster boards.

In-store point of purchase, poster boards can be applied direct to shelf ends, or suspended from the ceiling.

Various standard, and custom sizes available.

Due to the lightweight materials used, they can easily be installed or removed.

Poster boards can be printed double, or single sided.

Typical applications include;

  • In-store Promotional Campaigns.
  • New Product Launches.
  • In-store “Specials”
  • Temporary Menu Boards.
  • Directional Signs.

Rocketsigns Poster Boards are cost effective, and as a result, perfect for countrywide, in-store point of purchase campaigns.


In-store promotional Standees are made from a sturdy pvc pipe & connector system.

Furthermore they can also be re used for new campaigns – just change the poster board insert.

Standees come standard with a double sided print.

Most of all, the Frames are available in various different colours and sizes.



Full colour digitally printed pvc banners, offer a cost effective way to attract attention to new promotional campaigns and product launches.

Our print studio can print banners to any size required.

Rocketsigns’ Banners come standard with eyelets.

Banners are a great for marketing in-store and outdoors.


Menu Boards.

Our Promotional Menu Boards – For pop up stores at events and festivals.

Various custom and standard sizes are available. They can also be printed single or double sided depending on your specific application.



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