Point of Purchase


Double sided Standees

In-store promotional Standees are made from a sturdy pvc pipe & connector system.

Furthermore they can also be re used for new campaigns – just change the poster board insert.

Standees come standard with a double sided print.

Most of all, the Frames are available in various different colours and sizes.

Double sided Shelf wing

Draw attention to your products with our Double sided Shelf wings.

Available with a fully adjustable magnetic attachment or our universal shelf clips.


Get Your Products Noticed where it Counts…..

Don’t get Left Behind

Our range of innovative in-store solutions can create the awareness and
visibility needed to move your brand off the store shelves and into the homes
of millions of shoppers.


Create Brand Awareness

High Visibility at Point of Purchase

Promote New Products

Stimulate Impulse Buying

Influence Shopping Patterns

High Visibility for Smaller Brands

Protect Your Product Space

Increase Your Profits