General Signage FAQS

Frequently asked questions about general signage.

  • What materials can I use to build my sign?
    Sign materials vary by location and may include acrylic, aluminum, banner, corrugated plastic, fabric, PVC, magnetic, vinyl and wood.
  • What fonts can be used?
    It’s important to choose a font that is legible and reflects your brand. The font or typeface refers to the letters or characters that make up the copy on the sign. Fonts are categorized by Serif, San Serif, Script and Specialty. Remember that some fonts are difficult to read. We can help you consider factors such as visibility, readability, noticeability and legibility when choosing the font for your sign.
  • Can you maintain our business identity through signage?
    We understand how to help your business establish business identity and maintain brand integrity through signage. Our consultants recommend the right signs and visual graphics for your project. Whether you need to extend your brand to your building or need to create an experience using interior décor, we can help your business with visual communications.
  • What will the finished product look like?
    Many sign companies only provide products. We provide so much more. To see what the finished product may look like, you can view our Gallery for examples of signs and graphics, interior décor, exhibits and displays, promotional products, printed materials, point of purchase, digital signage and mobile marketing such as SMS text and mobile websites.
  • Can I use copyrighted images in my signage?
    Yes, but only with permission from the owner. If you are not an authorized agent of the images, then a release from the copyright owner is necessary.
  • How long does it take to make a sign?
    The length of time it takes to make a sign can vary depending in the materials, usage and complexity. Our consultants strive to meet your expectations on deadlines and turnaround time. While some projects may be ready in 24 hours, other projects make take longer to complete.
  • How do you ensure quality with your products?
    When it comes to ensuring the quality of products, our consultants create a plan to deliver products according to your specific requirements. We examine the environment that the sign will be located in and determine the best match of products. Our visual consultants continuously monitor and verify project quality throughout the design and production process.
  • What kind of maintenance will my sign require?
    Depending on the materials, signs may need to be cleaned over time, especially outdoor signage. Our consultants can make specific recommendations for maintenance based on your sign. It’s important to avoid damage from harsh cleaners. Use only a soap and water mixture and avoid any cleaning product that contains ammonia.
  • How long will my sign last?
    The expected lifetime of a sign depends on whether you place the sign or graphic indoor or outdoor. We use sign materials for short-term applications and also provide materials for long-term projects. Whether your sign needs to withstand the elements in an outdoor setting or needs to be located indoor, our consultants will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.
  • What other services do you provide?
    Our consultants help solve visual identity challenges and communicate brand stories and messaging using a mix of visual communications products and services including digital signs, trade show and event signs and graphics, vehicle and floor graphics, point of purchase signs, labels and decals, architectural and interior décor signs, printing, promotional products and clothing. We provide cutting-edge services that extend beyond traditional printing including websites. Whatever your visual communications needs, ROCKETSIGNS can help.
general signage
general signage

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